Jason Derulo “Might’ve Had A Semi” In Removed Instagram Post But Denies Full Arousal


After Instagram deleted his photo that showed off his bulge—which he denied photoshopping to look bigger—for depicting, “aroused genitalia,” Jason Derulo is setting the record straight. “I might’ve had a semi,” he tells TMZ, “…not fully aroused.” Derulo already addressed Instagram’s removal of his photo, posting a screenshot of the notice he received that his photo violated their “Nudity or Sexual Activity guidelines and captioning the post: “Fuk u mean? I have underwear on… I can’t help my size..”

He elaborated further on the absurdity of his photo getting removed for arousal by explaining that, while he may have had a “semi,” “it’s a different vibe” than full arousal. “If it’s just chillin’ on the side, it’s a ‘semi’ vibe,” he claims. “An arousal points to the front.” While this lesson on the anatomy of the male reproductive organ sure is fascinating, Derulo feels that the issue is more serious, and makes it clear that he just wants to have the same freedoms as his less well-endowed brothers when it comes to posting revealing photos. “I really do think it’s discrimination, I do, all jokes aside,” he says. His final message to Instagram? “Let me live, it’s not my fault.”

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