Jason Mitchell Talks Being Fired From “The Chi”; Doesn’t Know What He’s Accused Of


For the first time since the accusations against him surfaced, Jason Mitchell is offering his side of the story. Back in August, Jason gave a brief statement on Instagram confirming he was no longer a cast member on The Chi but told the public not to believe all that they’ve read in the media. Over the summer, it was reported that Jason’s co-star Tiffany Boone, along with other unnamed actresses, had issues with Jason’s behavior. He was reportedly cited for misconduct and the controversy caused him to be cut from the hit series. He was also fired from the upcoming Netflix film Desperados.

Jason recently sat down with The Breakfast Club and was questioned about what led up to the allegations. Charlamagne asked Jason what happened, and the actor stated that he wasn’t even sure what the allegations against him were. He explained that with Desperados, he went out with someone he was working with and she became intoxicated. He said he “felt responsible” for her and didn’t want to put her in an Uber. Jason said he took her home and even FaceTimed the woman’s boyfriend to ask for directions, but the next day he was pulled to the side by production. He was asked for his side of the story but claims he was never told exactly what the grievance was against him. He shared that he was let go, but people were making it a bigger deal than it was.

As far as his situation with former The Chi co-star Tiffany Boone was concerned, he said there was no misconduct. He gave a “shout out” to Tiffany and said she, too, was a victim of an over-zealous showrunner who came forward with false allegations against him. Jason believes Tiffany’s name was just put in the middle of the drama, and he said she didn’t ask to leave The Chi because of him. Tiffany just got a better job and had just outgrown the workplace.

The actor also added that he’s a firm supporter of the #MeToo movement, especially because he has two daughters, but in this case the movement was used to vilify him falsely. Watch the clip of his explanation below.

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