Jay Critch Reminds The Masses He’s “Been That”


It’s not often that a rapper opts to body a harp, generally viewed as the orchestra’s most inherently docile instrument. And yet whenever it does get incorporated into hip-hop production, as is the case on Jay Critch’s Jahdiddat-produced “Been That,” the results tend to shine. Today marks the official arrival of Critch’s previously released single “Been That,” which comes equipped with an accompanying music video directed by Hundo x Lost Footage. 

Originally released on his recent album Signed With Love, “Been That” serves as a solid reminder of what the New York rapper is all about. Lyrically, he opts to flex his accomplishments — “I’ve been bagging bitches before I could hold the groceries,” he raps. “It ain’t nowhere worth being real, you just posed to be / Fuck all the awards, I B-E-T I got a Role on me.” There’s a confident and defiant energy throughout the song and the visuals, one that compliments his style quite effectively. There’s a reason Critch has retained such a loyal fanbase, despite not being quite so prolific as some of his peers.

Check out the “Been That” video now, and sound off if you’d welcome a new project from the young lyricist.