Jay-Z Salutes New York For Finally Legalizing Marijuana


It’s a wonder to think it took this long for New York to legalize marijuana. The state is home to one of the biggest economies in America, which would help pour billions and billions into the marijuana industry. The state did finally make the big move recently, and one of the most iconic legends from the city that never sleeps showed how proud he was. 

Jay-Z released a statement to address the legalization of marijuana in his state. “The news of cannabis legalization in New York is incredibly exciting. It represents a long-overdue opportunity for New Yorkers, for the cannabis industry, and for social equity and social justice,” stated Jay. “I’ve seen first- hand the harm inflicted for generations against Black and minority communities by the war on drugs right here in New York. Today, I’m proud to see my home state join The Parent Company in paving the way for a thriving and equitable cannabis market.”

New Yorkers over 21 can now possess and use up to 3 ounces of pot. Of course, smoking pot is banned anywhere that smoking a cigarette is. It is also banned on beaches, boardwalks, pedestrian plazas, parks, playgrounds, and of course you can’t smoke it in your car. 



Jay’s cannabis brand MONOGRAM has been pushing for cannabis reform, and it looks like paid off. Salute!