Jay-Z Sends Meek Mill A Rolex As VIP Pass: “This Rich Sh*t Getting Out Of Control”


Meek Mill’s been rubbing shoulders with a lot of very wealthy people in recent times. As he’s soaked up game from people like Robert Kraft and Michael Rubin, he also became incredibly tight with some of hip-hop’s wealthiest artists including Jay-Z. Meek and Hov have formed not only a close personal relationship but an equally tight business relationship, too. Hov’s gifted Meek some expensive items in the past but apparently, Hov’s out here giving out Rolexes as VIP passes.

Meek took to Instagram earlier today where he shared an image of a gifted Rolex. The Rollie in question could be regarded as a gift from Jay-Z but apparently, there’s a purpose to it. Meek revealed that Hov was sending out Rolexes as VIP passes to people. He didn’t mention what the VIP passes were for but it seems likely it could be for the Shawn Carter Foundation Gala which takes place on Nov. 15th. “Hov sent these as vip passes smh this rich shit getting out of control lol,” he wrote. “I’m not joking lol.”

This isn’t the first time that Meek’s received a high-end gift from Jay-Z. Following the release of his latest project, Championships, Meek took to the ‘Gram to reveal that Jay gifted him an original Roc-A-Fella chain off of his neck. 

Peep Meek Mill’s post below. 

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