Jayda Cheaves Stuck With Lil Baby’s Pink Jeep After Trying To Sell It


Jayda Cheaves seemingly couldn’t offload the hot pink Jeep that her ex-boyfriend Lil Baby customized for her as an extravagant gift after she tried selling it because of concerns for her safety. According to Jayda, she said that people knew she was rolling in the whip, which posed an immediate danger to herself and her loved ones. She decided to sell the vehicle after her breakup with the rapper but, as noticed by The Shade Room, she was seemingly unsuccessful in getting rid of it, posting up in the car this weekend.

Sharing videos of herself and a friend inside of the customized vehicle, Jayda made no reference to the car, which she tried to sell earlier this year. Considering the whip was customized for her with “Jayda Wayda” written on the leather seats, it’s possible that this was too unique for anyone to feel comfortable inside of it. 

Despite her splitting up with Lil Baby, Jayda has still been supporting her ex-boyfriend with sporadic social media posts. At the top of this month, she showed off her collection of Birkin bags while playing one of his songs in the background.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Do you think she wasn’t able to sell the car or did she just have a change of heart at the last minute?