JayDaYoungan Denies Chain Snatching After Video Emerges Online


JayDaYoungan is on his way to do some big things in the future. He’s had a great year and will definitely continue to flood the streets with new music in the future. Unfortunately, the rapper got into a bit of an altercation yesterday. Video emerged this weekend of a few people claiming to have jacked JayDaYoungen’s chain at a show. Although the footage is unclear, it appears that someone tried to get at him on stage which resulted in a fight.

Another video emerged shortly after of someone on FaceTime flaunting the rapper’s chain and telling him to come to retrieve it. The incident happened in North Carolina but JayDaYoungen seemed to deny that it happened that way. In fact, he suggested that they didn’t actually take it off his neck but rather, snatched it off of the floor once he left the venue.

“Don’t believe the hype[.] N***as scary af fr, reach for sum shit then try to run!” He wrote on Twitter. “Dont even get it but wait til my security pull me out the club[.] my shit fall & y’all pick it up. Hoe ass shit.” Although it seems that he did lose his chain, he’s adamant that it wasn’t because of anyone actually robbing him of his jewelry.

In other related news, JayDaYoungan did drop off his project Misunderstood in October featuring YFN Lucci and Lil Durk. 

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