Jazze Pha Details Story Of Getting Into It With Pimp C Over A Woman


The last year or so has found southern superproducer Jazze Pha prominently returning behind the boards on his fair share of hits, reminding listeners of his legendary status along the way. In a recent visit to his hometown’s 107.9 radio station, Jazze opened up about his seminal work with artists such as Ciara and Jeezy and his newest venture with his Quiet Stormdoka brand.

One of the highlights of the interview, however, came when he opened up about his relationship with the late Pimp C as he detailed the story of our friendship spawned from an initial dispute involving a woman.

“You know what’s crazy? Me and Pimp C got close because we got into it about a chick that he was talking to that I was talking to before” he began. “I came over there to the studio and I saw her car outside […] Pimp was in there rapping about his and her minks and I’m like, ‘two and two what are we talking about? He talking about her’.” 

According to Jazze, he had to leave the studio opting not to bring up to subject as there were too many people in the studio a the time. He’d later receive a call from a mutual friend letting him know that Pimp C ended up finding out about the situation. Soon he was on the phone with the UGK pioneer.

“Man you ain’t tell me bout the broad, man,” exclaimed Pimp, per Jazze. “…We need to talk face to face, toe to toe!” 

Ultimately, Jazze says that the duo was able to talk things out, bonding weeks later when Pimp enlisted Jazze’s help for some work on a drum machine.

“We were brothers ever since,” he concluded.

Later on in the interview, Jazze unveils that he and Pimp were in talks to create a collaborative project with Sleepy Brown later, speaking on their friendship, music, business, and in life.

Watch the interview in full below.

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