Jeannie Mai Explains Why She Threw Vows Into Pool After Marrying Jeezy


The recently married Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins are delighting in the first days of their lives as newlyweds. Jeezy and Jeannie Mai have finally tied the knot after getting engaged under quarantine, and after sharing intimate photos of their private gathering, Jeannie has given details about her wedding vows. The 42-year-old talk show host wed the Rap mogul at home in their backyard and recently, Mai shared why she decided to toss her vows into their pool after it was all over.

“I can’t find anybody, whether it’s God himself or the Bible, that would be able to say how I feel for Jay,” said Mai. “For Jay, he’s a man of words. He’s an artist, a songwriter, and he knows exactly how to describe what it feels to marry me. We knew right away that we wanted to write our vows. Jay didn’t write down his vows, he spoke them from the heart.”

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Mai added that Jeezy “was able to just tell me how he felt and shared with me his feelings right off his heart, right there in front of our close family friends,” but things didn’t flow as easily for her. She penned three pages of vows. “Everybody knows on The Real that I’m long-winded,” she added. “So my vows were on three pages and I read every word to him.”

When she finished, Jeannie decided to throw “them into the pool because they’ve been sealed in his heart forever.” She also told PEOPLE that they decided to keep their ceremony intimate because there was no way to safely pull off the larger celebration they planned with COVID-19 as a remaining concern. Check out photos and video from the Jenkins’ big day.