Jeannie Mai Rumoured To Be Knocked Up With Jeezy’s Baby


Rumours are swirling that The Real host Jeannie Mai has been knocked up by rapper boyfriend Jeezy. The two lovebirds only made their relationship official this past August, but have certainly not been shy about expressing their love for another to the public, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if they decided to bring a little bundle of joy into the world. A cameraman on The Real was reportedly told to alter the way his crew shoots Jeannie on the show, instead capturing her at a side angle to “make her look slimmer” despite Jeannie already being a “tiny girl.” They were also allegedly told to “expect her to gain weight,” which they were going to “try and hide from the cameras.” This, of course, leads to speculation of a hidden pregnancy.

However, according to Jeannie’s rep, the rumours are simply not true, but the couple could just be trying to cover up the news by denying it so as not to confirm anything until they’re ready. After all, Jeannie recently retracted her previous comments on motherhood in which she confessed to never wanting children and had revealed that this was a major factor in her split from ex-husband, Freddy Harteis. In November, Jeannie shared that she is now open to having a child despite never having the desire in the past. “Who knows?” she told her co-hosts on The Real. “You might have a little Jeannie!” This could very well happen sooner than we think.


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