Jeezy Slams Cop That Pulled Over Army Lieutenant At Gunpoint: “Only In America”


The world was left shocked after watching Lieutenant Caron Nazario get pulled over by police in the now viral video. The police pull over Lieutenant Caron Nazario with their guns drawn, barking orders for him to leave his car. Lieutenant Nazario does not leave his car, however, he puts his hands outside his windows and asks the right questions. Still, the police pepper sprayed him and drop him to the ground when he finally leaves his car. It’s apparent that once the police realize he’s in the military, that they knew the messed up. Still, they continued with their harassment.

The police, fearing bad press and consequences from the military, allegedly threatened Lieutenant Nazario to stay quiet. Nice Try. Lieutenant Nazario is now suing the police. The viral video caught the attention of Jeezy, who posted a portion to his Instagram with a long caption. “What part of this is protecting and serving,” he begins. “After you went and fought for the country. It’s like they wanted to take his masculinity to feed egos!! Let’s see what the government do about this. I see no threat, only a man that was confused and understood protocol. He asked the right questions. They didn’t have any answers. Shits break my heart to see a grown man handled like animal. Only in America 💯”

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