Jeffrey Epstein Threatened To Feed Rape Victim To Alligators: Lawsuit


The case of Jeffrey Epstein’s nefarious acts alongside Ghislaine Maxwell has continued to unravel in the public eye, even after the convicted sex offender’s conspicuous death. Maxwell remains inside of prison as more accusations emerge surrounding the heinous acts that she and Epstein committed to their alleged victims. A new lawsuit filed against Epstein’s estate accuses him and Maxwell of raping a woman before threatening to throw her into a body of water filled with alligators that would “devour” her.” 

Florida Department of Law Enforcement via Getty Images

In a new piece published in the Miami Herald, a real estate broker identified as “Jane Doe” said that Maxwell and Epstein repeatedly raped her at the age of 26 in front of her eight-year-old son at a hotel. She also claims that they trafficked her to have sex with multiple men including a judge who allegedly threatened to have her arrested on prostitution charges if she reported the assaults to authorities.

The lawsuit she filed details her initial introductions to Epstein and Maxwell who attended an event that her employer was hosting. The lawsuit claims that Epstein was interested in having her work for him. Jane Doe claims that she went to the Epstein mansion to cut his hair in 2008 when Epstein was allegedly nude upon her arrival.

She claims that Epstein and Maxwell allegedly “brutally raped” before offering her $200. She said that Epstein and Maxwell forced her to drive with them in her car before he stopped the vehicle where he allegedly “ushered the plaintiff” to some sort of lake that had alligators and told her in detail that she’d be “devoured” by the animals if she ever speaks out.

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