Jennifer Aniston Turning To Scientology Following Split From Brad Pitt: Report


Jennifer Aniston is reportedly turning to Scientology as she continues to struggle following her split from Brad Pitt. According to report from New Idea, the actress is is reportedly considering joining the controversial religion as she continues to struggle from the emotional legacy after her split from ex-husband. The religion claims to help its followers overcome emotional problems and the “Friends” star finds it intriguing as she battles the bitter legacy of two divorces.

“Jen doesn’t understand why people are so anti-Scientology. She’s heard only good things about the positive effects it’s had on her famous and non-famous friends,” a source told Globe.

“She’s been tempted to get involved over the years, but it was never possible due to various conflicts in her personal life. Now there’s no such drama to hold her back, and she’s ready to see what it’s it all about,” the source added.

Louis Theroux, the cousin of Aniston’s second ex-husband Justin Theroux, was among the people who held her back. Louis reportedly created a documentary about the dangers of the religion. However, Aniston is reportedly ready for a new chapter in her life and she finds Scientology “more and more appealing.”

Scientology currently has celebrities like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and Elizabeth Moss all devoted to their objective. However, the religion has a controversial reputation following some questionable practices, but it’s not enough to stop Jennifer.




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