Jennifer Lopez Spotted Without Engagement Ring Amid Breakup Rumors


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were seemingly a power couple just a few months ago as they were trying to buy the New York Mets together. The two were engaged and with a wedding approaching, fans were hoping to see how they would grow together. However, over the past month or so, rumors of their breakup have been swirling on the internet. Reports surfaced claiming that A-Rod was having an affair and while both have denied the breakup, the rumor mill continues to work overtime. 

Now, A-Rod is looking to purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves, all while JLo looks to do her own thing. In fact, over the last day or so, JLo has been posting numerous photos to Instagram although most fans have noticed something glaring about each shot.

Jennifer Lopez

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

As you can see below, JLo is not wearing her engagement ring in any of the photos. The ring costs upwards of $1 million and typically, the lack of an engagement ring could very well mean the worst. Of course, JLo herself has yet to confirm whether or not she and A-Rod have broken up, although this doesn’t appear to be a very good sign.

When the breakup was first reported, it was revealed that A-Rod and JLo would be working on their relationship over the coming weeks, and for now, it seems like there is still some work to be done.