Jerry Jones Mocked On Twitter Over Lonely NFL Draft Day Setup


This year, the NFL draft will be unlike any other in the history of the league. Due to the Coronavirus, the NFL is forced to hold the entire draft online, through a virtual portal. Fans will still be able to watch the draft but it will certainly prove to be one of the weirdest experiences you will have as a sports fan. 

Numerous teams will be dealing with different setups. For instance, some squads have chosen to let multiple executives in on the draft day festivities, albeit from separate homes. Some franchises, however, will have their GM going in solo. The Dallas Cowboys are one of those teams which means Jerry Jones will be making all of the decisions on his own.

When you stop to think about Jones’ draft and decision-making history, you quickly realize that this is going to be one wild ride that could either go poorly or extremely poorly. There really is no in-between and there surely isn’t any scenario in which this is a good thing that Cowboys fans should be happy about.

With this in mind, Twitter decided to do what they do best: make jokes from behind a keyboard. While we’re all guilty of doing this, certainly myself, there is no denying that some of the jokes were great and will ultimately prove to be an accurate portrayal of Jones’ actions tonight.

We truly can’t wait to see how it all goes down.


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