Jerry Jones Reacts To The Cowboys Devastating Loss On Sunday


Jerry Jones is easily one of the most well-known owners in all of sports and it’s all thanks to his need to speak to the media after every single Dallas Cowboys game. Jones is almost obsessive about his team and wants to be a part of every single decision-making process. This has led to a team that hasn’t done very much since the early to mid-90s. This season, the Cowboys haven’t faired much better even though it seemed as though they were on the right track. 

Last night, the Cowboys suffered yet another loss this time at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles. Now, the Cowboys only have a 28 percent chance of making the playoffs which isn’t too good. After the game, Jones spoke about his feelings towards what went down.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

“I’m a little numb that we didn’t come up here and beat them,” Jones said according to Jon Machota of “Our team played very hard. I’m just surprised we didn’t get the deal done.”

If the Cowboys do, in fact, miss the playoffs, Jones will have some big decisions to make in the offseason, particularly when it comes to his head coach, Jason Garrett. Many believe Garrett needs to be fired and if things don’t turn around soon, Jones may have no choice but to pull the plug.


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