Jess Hilarious Gets Dragged For Trash Talking Apryl Jones To Moniece Slaughter


This drama surrounding Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz has grown to new heights all thanks to the good folks over at Love & Hip Hop. The latest on the drama now incorporates Jess Hilarious who foolishly trashed talk her friend Apryl to Moniece Slaughter, Fizz’s ex and baby mother. Moniece voice recorded Jess’ mean words and shared it with the world. 

Mychal Watts/Getty Images

The recording heard Jess blast Apryl for her gold-digging ways. “One night [Apryl] was f*cking with ——. She was thirsty for this n**** too. She told Dreux, “He’s my prototype, this is who I wanna be with.” Fizz sittin’ there looking dumb as sh*t — ain’t sayin’ nothin,” Jess ranted. “Why you puttin’ up with this sh*t? From one of your band member’s baby mothers, n****? You stupid, or nah?”

In a new clip from the show, Apryl invited Jess over to speak on the matter and by the looks of it they may be on good terms but the Internet isn’t as forgiving as Apryl. 

“I wouldn’t have gave that bitch NO floor to speak on, she just would’ve been BLOCKED!! There’s NO excuse for what Jess Hilarious did but she a trash ass person!! And then turned it on Moniece! BITCH U SAID IT, NOT HER!! She didn’t mind trick u 2 tell that girl’s business,” one Twitter user wrote

Peep the video clip and more reactions below.


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