Jets Head Coach Adam Gase’s Alleged Burner Account Revealed


This season has been pretty bad if you’re a New York Jets fan. Thanks to the inclusion of Le’Veon Bell, many people thought head coach Adam Gase could actually string together a good season. Of course, this hasn’t been the case and the Jets are nowhere to be found in the playoff hunt. Gase has received relentless criticism for his team’s offense and according to New York Daily Newsit has led to some truly bizarre responses. For instance, when pressed about how bad his team is, insiders have claimed that Gase brushes it off and simply says “I’m rich as fuck.”

In the report, it is theorized that Gase even has a burner account that he uses to clap back at fans who are criticizing him. KFCBarstool immediately got wind of the report and was able to pinpoint the alleged account. Based on all of its tweets, it’s pretty clear that Gase is behind it in some way. As you can see from the Twitter chain below, practically every tweet is defending Gase from the haters while every single liked tweet is about how good Gase is.

Below is a string of tweets from the account. Let us know in the comments below if you think this is really Gase or if there is someone out there who really loves him that much.



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