Jhené Aiko Gives Fan Love Advice That She May Have Used Herself


She may be the butt of a few jokes after reuniting with boyfriend Big Sean, but Jhené Aiko is happily in love. The songbird wears her heart on her sleeve and shares her emotional ups and downs in her music, and many have told the singer that they identify with her lyrics. Whether she’s angry at an ex, pining over a former lover, or sharing her “P*$$y Fairy” freak-in-the-sheets antics, fans can’t get enough of Jhené’s songs pertaining to love and sex.

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On Thursday (January 29), a fan called on Jhené for a bit of advice. “JHENE DO I LEAVE THIS N*GGA OR STAY ? WTFFFF,” the person tweeted. Surprisingly, the singer responded. “If your happiness depends on him… take a break and spend some time w/ self,” Jhené wrote. “Learn to love and enjoy ur own company… the rest will follow 💙.”

That sounds a little like what she may have done with the Motor City rapper. Jhené also added, “Get in touch with your heart and then listen to it, sis. there’s no wrong decision as long as its from your heart… i cant tell you what to do or how to feel. bless you and good luck🙏🏼💙. Check out the tweets below and keep an ear out for Jhené’s forthcoming release CHILOMBO, set to hit the streets in February.

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