Jim Jones On Informant Claims: “Real N*ggas Don’t Do Bullsh*t Tarnish People’s Names”


It’s been a wild few weeks for Jim Jones. In the thick of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s kidnapping trial, an audiotape surfaced that allegedly featured Jones calling for the disgraced rapper to be “violated.” Never one to miss out on an opportunity to troll his fellow artists, 50 Cent shared a screenshot of a social media post that stated Tekashi’s court documents listed Jones as a federal informant. It suggested that is how Jones was able to avoid jail time after copping to a plea earlier this year in connection to a drug charge.

Although the information was unverified, the rumor went viral after Fif shared it on his Instagram page. “Oh sh*t, so that’s why they ain’t pull him in,” Fif wrote in the caption. “Say it ain’t so jimmy.” When questioned about his alleged link to 6ix9ine’s case or the informant gossip, Jones has kept his opinions to himself, but in a sit down on Monday with his friend Angie Martinez for her radio show, he shared his thoughts before wanting to quickly move on.

“You never know that you was at a circus ’til you figure out that you was lookin’ at a clown,” he said. “When a clown gives out information, everybody laughs. For the most part, everybody knows that I’m a substantial individual. I’ve been doing this for a very long time. People don’t read the facts, they read the Gram. It’s a big difference, you know what I mean? People use the media to do what they do. They blow everything up out of proportion, but, as far as my feelings? No, it doesn’t feel right.”

Jones admitted that he was upset when he first caught wind of the disparaging meme, but he was able to assess the situation and get ahold of his temper. “Of course it took me somewhere else at the moment when I saw it, but then [I] calmed down, sat back, laughed at it, looked at the person who was dishin’ it,” he continued. “Thought about it. Thought about tryin’ to be just as facetious as the person was, but then it doesn’t make no sense. I’d be doing the same thing he’s doing and that’s lightweight doing what we don’t like to do. I just leave it alone, but I do say one thing: Where I’m from, real n*ggas don’t do bullsh*t to tarnish people’s name. At all. That’s not honorable. We don’t gotta talk about that too much. If you know me, you know me.” Check out Jones’s interview with Angie below.

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