Jim Jones Thinks The Music Industry Isn’t Interested In Talent: “They Look For Numbers”


Is the music industry missing out on talent? Jim Jones thinks so. As a veteran artist, Jones has seen various shifts in the Hip Hop scene. Much has changed in the genre since its inception, and with the advent of social media, the entire industry has changed the way it seeks, develops, and promotes talent. During his recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Jones, who often speaks about the ins and outs of the industry, said that he believed labels are more concerned with popularity than actual talent.

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Mike Stobe / Stringer / Getty Images

“What’s so sad about what’s going on in the music industry [is] they don’t look for talent anymore, they look for numbers,” said the Dipset icon. “That’s scary because you can have the most bullsh*t talent and make the most bullsh*t record, and as long as that record go viral and click a number, there’s a label that’s gon’ give you a sh*tload of money just because of your analytics and your numbers. And they will skip over all the people that got talent that could be the next Michael Jordan or the next Drake or the next Dipset.”

“They skippin’ over all that if you don’t have your numbers and I know that whole-heartedly,” he continued. “That’s one of the things that I definitely would get back to changing in the game if I had the opportunity to get into the music industry as an executive again. ‘Cause we missin’ the talent and I’m not takin’ nothin’ away from no music that’s out there ’cause I like being lit, I like goin’ outside. All this music gives you different feelings but I’m talking about when it comes to making different music and real music and giving people the opportunities that should be in the right spot when it comes to being successful, that’s what I want to dig into.”

Watch Jim Jones’s full interview with The Breakfast Club below and let us know if you agree with him.