Jimmy Butler Breaks Silence On Kawhi Leonard’s Infamous Game 7 Dagger


Jimmy Butler is currently on the Miami Heat and so far, the team has been much better than anyone expected. Of course, Butler chose the Heat over the Philadelphia 76ers who are a favorite to win the championship this season. Last season, the Sixers were on pace to win it all but one play sent them packing. That one play was when Kawhi Leonard scored a buzzer-beater in Game 7 of the second round. The Raptors ended up winning the title while the 76ers were sent packing.

Now, Butler is speaking out about that defining moment and how it affected his career. As Butler explained, he still thinks about it and how things could have been different had they gone all the way.

“It just goes to show you how fragile life is. Not just basketball. Life,” Butler told The Athletic. “How things can change in an instant, in the snap of a finger and it hurts because you think about what could’ve been. What happens if we win that game? Do we win a championship? Am I in Philly? All of these ifs. Who knows?”

If Butler were still on the 76ers, they would easily be favorites to win it all this season. Despite this, it seems like both the Heat and Sixers have benefitted from each other’s moves.

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