Jimmy Kimmel Uncovers Melania Trump’s Hidden Message In White House Christmas Decor


In the opening monologue of his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, on Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel informed the world of the secret signals that he believes were embedded into a video of Melania Trump unveiling the White House Christmas decorations. FLOTUS posted the video on Sunday, which shows her wandering around the White House, admiring the decor and getting into the Christmas spirit—or so we’re meant to believe.

Like so many things involving the Trumps, the joyous and festive sentiment that was intended just ends up feeling creepy and unnatural somehow. Many on Twitter have even compared these shots of the decked out White House to scenes out of The Shining.

Jimmy Kimmel agreed with the clip’s chilling energy, and dug a little deeper to find a clear sign that things are a little darker than they first appear (4:17).

It’s a little unnerving how well this edited shot fits in with the vibe of the original video, and Melania is honestly probably overdue for pulling some kind of antic like this. She recently felt the disdain that so many Americans have for her and her husband when she was booed by a crowd of Baltimore students last week during a speech on opioid abuse. It’s shocking that she hasn’t dipped on this whole mess of a presidency yet. If she knew what was best for her, she’d have called it quits years ago, but the woman has never proven to be too bright in the first place.

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