Jocelyn Savage’s Parents Take Legal Action Against Blogger Tasha K For Defamation


The Jocelyn Savage Patreon account saga is not over yet, even if the account is down. This time though, it’s Jocelyn’s parents who are making the headlines. TMZ reports that Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage have sent a cease and desist letter to blogger Tasha K for defamation on social media regarding the R. Kelly situation, their daughter Jocelyn, and her family. In the letter, Jocelyn’s parents claim that Tasha made “utterly false statements” claiming the Savages created the Patreon account themselves, that she has a “black box full of audio recordings,” as well as supposed drug abuse.

R. Kelly
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

On her YouTube channel, Tasha K said that she thought that Jocelyn’s parents made the account and she also shared an audio recording of what she claims is Timothy Savage telling R.Kelly’s team that he can have his daughter. Gerald Griggs, the Savage’s lawyer said that Tasha’s words are “defamation per se in that they depict our clients as engaging in fraudulent activity that violates civil and criminal law.” Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage have requested that the blogger remove all posts with anything defamatory towards them in it and also pay their legal fees. In the event that Tasha refuses to do so they claim that there will be a lawsuit.


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