Joe Budden Comments On Fizz & Apryl Jones’ Now Public Relationship, Fizz Responds


Apryl Jones and Fizz are done hiding their love. Just last week the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood couple was seen kissing on screen for the latest episode of the show for the first time, confirming their relationship that they thought they were hiding so well. For the duration of the season, the duo denied having a thing even after they moved in and shared a photo of themselves in bed. 

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

Yesterday Fizz posted a photo of him coupled up to Apryl, who is Omarion’s ex and baby mama, with a caption that reads: “Good things come to those who wait.” The whole ordeal has got Love & Hip Hop fans going wild and Joe Budden is just one of many acts who’s commented on the matter in a public way. 

“Omarion don’t get enough credit for just chillin cuz man listen…,” Joe tweeted, referring to the fact that Fizz and Omarion are past homies since they’re both B2K members who wrapped up a reunion tour not too long ago. Fizz, of course, clapped back at Joe commenting: “Lol #MrPumpitUp clout chasing now.” 

Let’s hope this comment section feud doesn’t make it to another level.


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