Joe Budden Confirms Lloyd Banks Is Dropping New Music: “He Cookin”


Former G-Unit star Lloyd Banks has been extremely quiet on the music front, chiming in here and there with a social media post hinting at his return but never really following through on those feelers. Earlier this month, the punchline king cryptically noted that he believes he’s about to “relapse,” which could either have been something terrible or incredible. If he were talking about alcohol or drugs, that would have been a tragedy. However, his fans fell under the impression that music was on Banks’ mind and they may have been correct. During a recent Twitter outpouring, Joe Budden told the world that he might know something about Banks that we don’t.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In the midst of a rant about Justin Bieber and how he seemingly “needs” the hip-hop and R&B communities to thrive these days, a fan asked Joe Budden to quit whining about the pop star and tell Lloyd Banks to drop some new music. Surprisingly enough, the podcaster actually responded and his reply was favorable. 

“He cookin,” wrote Budden, in response to a fan who begged for Lloyd Banks to drop something. While this isn’t as credible as a tweet from the man himself, Budden’s ties to Banks lead us to believe there’s definitely some truth behind this. Budden is one of the most knowledgable men in the industry and he holds tons of secrets about what’s really going on behind-the-scenes. Maybe he’s been in the studio with Banks?


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