Joe Budden Flexes After Securing Number One Podcast Spot


The Joe Budden rebrand is among the game’s most successful in recent memory. At this stage, calling him the biggest name in hip-hop media is not entirely unfounded – especially after Spotify revealed his Joe Budden Podcast was their number-one most listened to podcast of the year. Naturally, holding such a high honor was bound to elicit a response from the man himself, who took to Twitter to flex accordingly. “#1 since i landed, 3 hours, twice a week, for over a year,” he writes. “I’ma need some respect on my name soon.”

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images 

Though the implication reads as if Joe remains unappreciated in the grand scheme of things, perhaps the numbers oughta rest his mind at ease. The fans are clearly tuning in, and while his inevitable Rap Comeback feels like it’s been placed on the backburner, his Podcasting antics have never been better. Between himself and co-hosts Rory, Mal, and Parks, the banter and insight are among the best in hip-hop media.

Congratulations are in order, and we can only hope that Joe can look back on a job well done without feeling slighted. Should you count yourself a fan of the Joe Budden Podcast, be sure to send the boys some love in the comment section. 


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