Joe Budden Gets Dragged After Calling Ari Lennox “Insecure” For Her Reaction To Racist Troll


Joe Budden recently took it upon himself to comment on Ari Lennox’s response to a Twitter troll who claimed she looked like “a rottweiler,” and Joe is getting some heat for it. Last week, a random troll posted a tweet that said, “Ari Lennox and Teyana Taylor’s ability to have dangerously high sex appeal while simultaneously looking like rottweilers will always amaze me.” Ari was not having that kind of disrespect, quote-tweeting the post with, “People hate blackness so bad,” followed by her own tweet, “Moms and Dads please love on your beautiful black children. Tell them they’re beautiful constantly. Tell them Black people are beautiful. Tell them black features are beautiful.” She also replied to a different user with the statement, “Black women literally the most disrespected. Period.”

Ari also went on Instagram live to confront the issue, saying, “How people hate black people so much, how black people can sit up here and say, ‘That’s not my problem.’ Or, ‘She does look like a rottweiler…’ You wanna talk about how people are so sensitive they want us to cancel freedom of speech. Why is this your speech? Why are you so comfortable tearing down black women?”

In his self-titled podcast, Joe addressed the situation by asking, “Does anything about the Ari Lennox thing scream insecurity to you?” He later added, “Insecurity. How you feel about you versus how what people feel about you versus how what people feel about you does to how you feel about you. Insecurity. And while there may be variations of it or different reasons of why it stems, insecurity is insecurity.” He elaborated further, acknowledging that Ari was “absolutely correct” but that replying to random “pawns” is the wrong way to go about expressing her message. However, plenty of folks on Twitter are unhappy with Joe’s response, some calling him “stupid,” or “dismissive,” or both “loud and wrong.”

Do you agree with Joe? Or was he in the wrong about the Ari situation?


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