Joe Budden Is “Grateful” To Migos For “Ice Tray” Diss, Isn’t Salty About It


A meme-able moment that went down in hip hop history was when tensions arose between Joe Budden and Migos at the 2017 BET Awards. Culture critic Joe Budden has often been vocal about the new generation of hip hop, including acts like Migos, but when they came together at the award show for an Everyday Struggle interview, things got weird. Joe ended up dropping his microphone and walking off set, and later there were reports that things almost turned physical off-camera. 

Later, Migos and Lil Yachty dropped “Ice Tray,” a song that seemed to intensify their beef with the line: “If a n*gga hatin’ call him Joe Budden…P*ssy!” Recently, Tory Lanez sat down with Joe on his Pull Up series to talk about Tory’s Chixtape 5 release, but for a brief moment, the tables were turned. Tory wanted to pick Joe’s brain about “Ice Tray” and if he was salty about the song, especially if he hears it out in the streets.

“I was grateful to those Migos guys if you want me to be honest,” Joe said. “Yo, Joe Budden, when you get away from my rap and hip hop persona, ’cause n*ggas have watched me make all my mistakes publicly, I’m really a humble and grateful guy. The fact that they put… N*ggas have dissed me for 20 years. Who cares? I’ve never been dissed in a smash! In a hit! Now, this is a hit.”

Tory admitted that he and Joe are good friends but when Tory’s out at the club and “Ice Tray” comes on, he can’t help but rap the lyrics. Joe added that no matter where he was, if “Ice Tray” came on, “it was like a salute.” Watch the full chat between these two below.


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