Joe Budden Reveals He & “JBP” Co-Host Rory Are Going To Therapy


Things are shaking up over on The Joe Budden Podcast. Fans noticed that the familiar faces of co-hosts Rory Farrell and Mal Clay have been missing, and according to Budden, there’s no beef brewing. There are, however, problems going on behind the scenes that many hope will be reconciled due to the longstanding friendship between the trio. “Nobody has communicated a beef,” Budden shared on his podcast. “What they have communicated to me is something is wrong. Whether that be in our friendship, how we’re speaking to each other, the respect level.”

Budden once again addressed the controversy while on Instagram Live and suggested that he and Rory may have scheduled an appointment with a professional who will offer mediation. “I don’t think I’m supposed to divulge our therapy plans publicly, but we are going to therapy,” said Budden, according to All Hip Hop. “I am a therapy baby, man… Some of y’all know this. I know some of y’all only get your perception of me from the internet, but I’m a therapy baby. When something is wrong, we’re calling the therapist. Let’s get to the bottom of it.”

“I called my man [Rory] up and said, ‘You wanna go to therapy or nah?’ We out. That’s it. We’ll get to pod business later.” You can check out Joe Budden on Instagram Live below along with his explanation on his podcast.

The Joe Budden Podcast · Episode 425 | “Tea Leaves”