Joe Budden Tears Selena Gomez Apart For Roddy Ricch Chart Desperation


It’s been interesting to keep track of all the drama pertaining to charting positions in the last two weeks. At first, things were heating up on the Billboard Hot 100. Roddy Ricch hit the top spot for the first time in his life, winning big with “The Box.” His race to the crown involved a battle against one of the biggest pop stars in the world in Justin Bieber, who attempted to utilize the strength of his fanbase, instructing everybody on how to cheat the system and run up his streams. Roddy Ricch came out on top. Now, the same thing is happening on the Billboard 200 album listing with Selena Gomez trying her hardest to dethrone the Compton rapper at the pole position. She uploaded a desperate video, addressing her audience and practically begging them to give her some big numbers this week, making herself out to be a clown in the same clip by saying she doesn’t care about where her album lands. She was rightfully torn apart by Joe Budden on his recent podcast episode.

“Selena Gomez, you’re a fucking doof,” exclaimed Joe Budden at the 1:24:30 point in the new episode of his daily podcast. “I always thought you were a doof but it wasn’t safe to say because people thought you were beautiful. But you are a beautiful fucking doof.”

Budden then goes on to explain the situation to the best of his ability, playing the video of Selena speaking to her fans and making fun of her the entire time. He admits that he doesn’t know much about Gomez’ music but that, since pop culture tells him to believe that she’s “really big,” he just goes along with it. Listen to what he has to say about the Selena Gomex x Roddy Ricch situation below. 


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