Joe Budden Won’t Work With Slaughterhouse Until They’re “Away From Shady”


 It was back in Spring 2018 when the official announcement came that Slaughterhouse was officially over, but fans are still hoping that the quartet rap group will link up just one more time. Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9″, Joell Ortiz, and Kxng Crooked don’t have any ill-will toward one another, but there are some clear-cut reasons as to why they refuse to reunite. Over the years there have been rumors of feuds with Shady Records or tensions with Eminem, and many of those whispers centered around Budden.

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

While visiting the My Expert Opinion show, Budden was in the hot seat and asked about Slaughterhouse. “Those are my brothers and I love them,” Budden said of his relationship with his former collaborators. He did admit, however, that he doesn’t speak to them regularly. “Royce just did the podcast, I spoke to him,” Budden added. “I haven’t spoke to Joell, but he just like a picture a few days ago and I liked one back, so I know me and him are fly. The same with Crook, man. Those are my guys forever.”

“I’m not a worker, anymore,” he said of how his mentality has shifted over the years. “I’m not going to work for something that didn’t exist before I got here. And that’s how I feel about wordsmiths. We can put this together, y’all can’t monetize it until we do, and that’s how I act. So, nah, I’m not putting nothing out with Slaughterhouse unless Slaughterhouse is away from Shady and we own our own sh*t.”

When questioned about Eminem, Budden shut down that line of conversation. The podcast host was the only member of Slaughterhouse to not be featured on Eminem’s recently released Music To Be Murdered By. “That has nothing to do with me. Don’t ask me about Em. Has zero to do with what I just said. He is not a factor in what I am saying. What I am saying is solely related to my brothers. Now, how it gets wherever it gotta go is not on me. It’s lawyers and things for that to happen but that’s a me thing.” Watch the conversation below.


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