Joe Budden’s Barber Prompts Jokes From The “JBP” Host & Drake


In March, The Joe Budden Podcast got shaken up a bit when fans noticed that Joe Budden’s co-hosts Rory and Mal were had taken a break from appearing on the podcast. In an effort to “eliminate some of the suspense” regarding rumors that Rory and Mal were allegedly ditching the podcast after years of working with the former Slaughterhouse rapper, Joe addressed the situation on the JBP episode “Tea Leaves.” Days later, Joe also revealed that he and Rory had decided to go to therapy to sort out their issues.

More than two weeks later, however, Rory and Mal have yet to return to The Joe Budden Podcast, and fans are thirsting for updates. So much so, it appears, that listeners have started hitting Joe’s barber for updates regarding Rory and Mal’s return. In a rather hilarious Instagram post, Joe Budden shares a video that features his barber explaining how people keep coming to him for developments regarding the JBP.

Of course, Joe’s barber reveals that he never has any updates for JBP fans, so he and the State of the Culture host get a good laugh about the absurdity of the situation. In the caption, Joe wrote, “was getting a cut when my barber started talking about the podcast… it felt good to know so many ppl care, as the barbershop is a metric for what’s near and dear to the hood’s heart.”

“but why are y’all asking him ANYTHING about a pod ?!” Joe Budden hilariously asks his fans. “F*ck does he know… lmao.”

Although the state of The Joe Budden Podcast is still uncertain, Joe’s not so informative update about Rory and Mal’s return was pretty funny, which is probably why the Certfied Love Boy himself wanted to get in on the fun. In a comment under Joe’s original post, Drake proceeded to use the opportunity to roast Rory.

Joe Budden and Rory attend the Joe Budden Podcast Live at Highline Ballroom on July 21, 2017 in New York City.
Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

“I mean I saw Rory sipping a Sauvignon Blanc tonight and he made a toast,” Drake said, making fun of the JBP co-host, “but everyone else was engaged in coversation so his glass was hanging in the air for like a good 17 seconds before they clued in…if that’s any update.”

Drake recently got pretty heated while being trolled by Instagram comedian TravQue, so it appears that he’s now channeling that towards Rory. Jokes aside, the fact that Joe Budden feels comfortable enough to make fun of the Rory and Mal podcast situation hopefully means that he and his “The Joe Budden Podcast” co-hosts are getting closer to reuniting.