Joe Musgrove Admits He Had To “Piss So Bad” During His Historic No-Hitter


San Diego Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove threw a historic no-hitter during the team’s 3-0 victory against the Texas Rangers, Friday, but after drinking “11 or 12” bottles of water to start the game, Musgrove says he “had to piss so bad” by midway through the game. 

“I had to piss so bad in like the fourth or fifth inning,” he admitted afterward. “That was the one thing I didn’t want to break, the superstition of it. I didn’t want to have to go use the bathroom in the middle of a start.”

Padres, Joe Musgrove
Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Musgrove’s perfect performance was the first no-hitter in Padres history. It was also the first time Musgrove had thrown a no-hitter at any level in his career.

“It feels so incredible,” Musgrove told reporters after the victory. “The city of San Diego has shown me so much love, even before I came to the Padres. Just a San Diego kid that made it to the big leagues, so it feels even better to do it in a Padres uniform and selfishly be able to do it for my city and know that the kid from Grossmont High threw the first no-hitter.”

The Rangers recently allowed fans to return to their home stadium at 100% capacity.