Joe Rogan & Bill Maher Swap Bill Cosby Horror Stories On “JRE”


The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the biggest podcasts in the world. A few days ago, Joe invited comedian and host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher to sit down for a conversation, amassing over three million views in four days. After an extended reflection on the stand-up comedy lifestyle, Bill Maher opened up about his distaste for Bill Cosby, which began when he first witnessed The Cosby Show. 

“I never thought Bill Cosby was funny,” reveals Bill Maher. “Even when I was a kid I saw him on TV, I was like no. This shit is corny. I feel very ahead of my time. I never liked him…Somebody told me he was a creep back in 1983. It was somebody I liked, a girl he was horrible to. I never liked him after that, as a person.” Joe explains that he heard Cosby was drugging girls back in 1994. “It was one of those things you hear as a rumor like What does he do?! Bill Cosby!?”  “You have to wonder why a guy who could get laid, even as a married man,” continues Bill. “That’s obviously a sick kink he had.”


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“I also know a promotor who told incredible stories about things Bill Cosby did that were not sexual, but informed me his kink is part of a larger sickness about control,” says Maher. “Making people do weird things because he can.” Joe reveals that he heard Bill Cosby made people “watch him eat curry. The whole staff come into his dressing room and watch him eat.” Maher continues along those lines: “I heard he’d order food and he would say ‘scoop out the doughy part of the hamburger bun after you wash your hands and put it back on the hamburger. Or once he asked them to send him the soap he hadn’t finished using in the dressing room. Crazy crazy shit that speaks to a pathology that’s larger than him sexually.”

Rogan raises him one further: “I worked at a casino, and he made the security guard tuck him into bed and shut the lights off. He had a whole routine.” Check out the full episode in which a variety of topics are covered – political correctness, monogamy, porn, and much more.  


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