Joe Rogan Guest Tim Pool Explains How Chris Cuomo Faked Having Coronavirus


Joe Rogan’s latest podcast guest is Tim Pool, an independent news journalist, who previously broke ground at VICE News, where he actually helped found the VICE News vertical. He’s been on Rogan’s podcast in the past, de-bunking various news stories, and mainstream media outlet coverage. Today he’s back, and you guessed it, the conversation is centered around Coronavirus and the media’s coverage of the pandemic.

Approximately thirty minutes into the new episode, Tim Pool reveals that Chris Cuomo, a CNN news anchor, faked his entire COVID-19 diagnosis– if you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve surely seen this headline circulate constantly, and the various updated on the news anchor’s alleged bout of Coronavirus and how it was affecting his daily life.

“You know they faked that whole thing, right?” Tim Pool asks Rogan, referring to Chris Cuomo and CNN.

Tim Pool goes on to explain the story:

“Chris Cuomo was spotted thirty minutes from his house, on a property with a new construction being built. A guy on the bike saw him, they got into it. Chris Cuomo goes on his radio show and says, ‘I want this jackass on a fat-tire bike coming up to me…’ The guy on the bike said he called the cops, and says he threatened me. So this basically confirms the encounter. Chris Cuomo then shot a segment for CNN of him emerging from his basement like, ‘this is what I’ve been dreaming of, finally getting out of the basement, seeing my kids.’ But he was witnessed seeing his kids somewhere else.”

You can watch that basement clip in question below.

Pool continued, “You even had Ben Smith of the New York Times call this out […] Everybody knows Cuomo faked it, he wasn’t in quarantine, he was out with two woman and three kids, so we can assume it was his wife and kids or whatever.”

He added, “CNN’s called an authoritative source. They’re lying in our faces.”

Check out the new podcast episode in full below.


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