Joe Rogan Wants To Buy Wu-Tang Clan Album From Martin Shkreli To Leak It


Literally every episode of the Joe Rogan Experience is eye-opening in some aspect. The entertainer gets tons of informative guests on his show to discuss some of the coolest topics around. Rogan is a solid interviewer and an even better conversationalist, bringing the best out of his peers and presenting the facts to us in three-hour-long stretches. Whether you’re on the way to work, in bed before you start to doze off, or giving your full attention to the Experience, Joe Rogan tends to always come through. This week, he sat down with comedian Donnell Rawlings and rapper RZA, which we’ve already written about several times, but one point from the chat deserves its own shine.

An hour and a half through the podcast, Joe Rogan brings up the long-lost Wu-Tang Clan album that was purchased by pharma bro Martin Shkreli, who is currently incarcerated. The trio speaks about Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, noting that it may be considered so valuable because it’s never been heard. Still though, Rogan is out here trying to make a deal with Shkreli. 

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

“That guy’s gotta be broke… is there a way I can buy that off him?” asks Joe Rogan. He even already has the perfect spot in his room to place it. “But I would release that online,” he added. “Or release it with you [RZA]. But that, sitting there, makes no sense to me. That box looks dope. When you get out Martin, holla at your boy.”

RZA has spoken to Shkreli about the album, suggesting that he should give the project away to the public for free. As of now, we still have never heard Once Upon a Time In Shaolin. Listen below at the 1:29:00 mark.


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