Joey Fatts Continues His Strong Year With New Song, “Fuc You”


Joey Fatts has already dropped an album and an EP this year, but today, he dropped a music video for a song that wasn’t on either of them. Clearly, the Long Beach rapper has resolved to make 2019 a big year for him and he’s been swinging ever since. The album he released in May, Chipper Jones Vol. 4, harnessed a dark aesthetic and showed that he could cater to the palettes of mainstream trap. The EP that he followed it up with in July, 4 My Section, Vol. 1, aimed more for a west coast sound with all its wobbly synth lines. 

If his new song, “Fuc You,” had to be subsumed into the atmosphere of either of these projects, it would be more suited for the latter. Its beat may sound like something you’ve heard countless times before, but Joey Fatts charisma makes the song worthwhile. The music video for the track is just as simply amusing as one-liners like, “that trap get to singing like Patti Labelle.”

Quotable Lyrics

Big guns, I got big guns
Big weight, all this coke white weigh a shit ton
Red rum, we don’t bump guns, come and get some
We don’t play with no opps, we gon’ chip one


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