Joey Trap Raps Like The Coolest Cowboy On His New Album “Wild West”


Concept albums are always fun, especially when the artist really gets into the theme of the project when it comes to the lyrics, music videos and overall creative direction. For Bronx-bred, San Diego-repping rapper Joey Trap, the theme is old western and he plays up the role perfectly throughout his new LP, Wild West.

As made evident in the music video for album standout “John Wayne” (seen above), Wild West is littered with references to the American frontier almost exclusively. For starters, majority of the songs are named after western culture themes, including the aforementioned “John Wayne” that pays homage to the well-known actor who spearheaded America’s frontier heritage. Other songs that play into the theme include “Howdy,” “Ranger Danger” and “Nice To Meet You Mr Cowboy.” Lyrically, the subject matter is more along the lines of what you’d expect from a burgeoning trap star, but the “yee-haw” call-outs and banjo samples on certain songs are enough to make Joey a certified rap ranger. Ride on, partner!

Listen to Wild West by Joey Trap now on all steaming platforms. 


1. Arrival
2. John Wayne
3. Purse
4. Ranger Danger
5. Starz (feat. Mikey100k)
6. Howdy
7. Nice to Meet You Mr Cowboy
8. Saving Grace


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