John Boyega Responds To “Star Wars” Critics With Instagram Video


It doesn’t look like John Boyega will be apologizing for his comments that upset Star Wars fans any time soon. The Rise of Skywalker actor sent shockwaves through the internet last week when he wrote “it’s not about who she kisses but who eventually lays the pipe” in response to fans who praised the Rey/Kylo Ren relationship. Boyega’s comment caused fans to call him misogynistic and sexist, and at the time he responded by flaming kids in his comment section. 

Boyega isn’t done trolling his haters though. On Friday, the actor posted a video on his Instagram that features some mild Photoshop and After Effects work. In the video, Boyega pastes in some of the tweets that were aimed at him over previous footage of him doing interviews. The actor dances around the tweets hilariously, showcasing how little he cares about his critics. Check out the video below. 

Meanwhile, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has raked in $467 million domestically and another $489 million worldwide. It looks like the movie will crack the billion-dollar mark by Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend, although critics widely gave the film bad reviews. Have you seen  The Rise of Skywalker? What did you think?


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