John Wall’s Favorite Kobe Bryant Story Includes Gilbert Arenas’ Antics


John Wall has had a pretty interesting career in the NBA thus far and having said that, it shouldn’t be surprising that he has plenty of stories to tell. Recently, the Washington Wizards star went on the “All The Smoke” podcast with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, where he talked about a plethora of topics, including his eventual return to action.

At one point in the interview, Wall was asked if he had any interesting stories about Kobe Bryant. As Wall described, his favorite Kobe moment was during his rookie season when he played against the Lakers legend for the very first time. Gilbert Arenas was Wall’s teammate at the time and made sure to bring his usual dose of antics.

“My favorite Kobe story was my rookie year,” Wall said. “We were going to play them in L.A. You know how’re like ‘there’s no way I’m about to play the Bean, like there’s no way I’m about to play Kobe.’ And I’ve got Gil on my team and Gil comes out there wearing Dolce and Gabbanas. No shoe strings, straps. Shoes, high-tops. So, I’m gonna play Kobe with a guy like Gil that doesn’t care about nothing.”

Arenas is known for his antics which only helps to enhance Wall’s story. We’re sure it’s a moment he will remember for the rest of his life.


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