Johnny Depp Joins Social Media To Comfort Fans During Quarantine


Johnny Depp has decided to venture into the world of social media for the first time by creating his very own Instagram account. The 56-year-old actor made his first post on Thursday featuring a photo of himself sitting in what appears to be a cave, surrounded by lit candles. “Hello everyone,” he wrote. “Filming something for you now…gimme a minute.”

He then proceeded to use his brand new platform, which has already garnered 2.3 million followers, to share an uplifting message with his fans regarding the coronavirus pandemic in the form of an eight-minute-long video. “This is my first experience within the world of social media,” he begins. “I don’t think I’ve really ever felt any particular reason to [join] until now.” However, he goes on to say that “now is the time to open up a dialogue as the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused immeasurable tragedies and enormous damage to people’s lives.”

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“People are ill and without care,” he continues. “People are getting sick and fighting for breath. People are dying at frighteningly high rates. Many are unable to provide for their children and their families as a result of this hideous global pandemic.” Johnny, who is currently in the midst of an ongoing domestic abuse case with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, goes on to acknowledge the people who have lost their jobs, businesses, and only sources of income, as well as the homeless population who are at a greater risk of exposure. He then urges his newfound following to “care for one another” during these dark times and to stay motivated. “We cannot and must not succumb to shutting down and giving in to what feels like hellish quarantine monotony,” he said.

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“Create something today that will benefit yourselves and others tomorrow,” he added. “Do anything you think could be of use to brighten someone’s day. Draw, read, paint, think, learn, make a film on your phone, play an instrument if you play; if you don’t, learn.” He also makes sure to mention his cover of John Lennon’s “Isolation” with Jeff Beck. “The song’s about isolation, fear, and the existential risk to our world, so we wanted to give the song to you,” he explained. “We truly both hope in our own little way, it helps you get through these unusual times that we’re experiencing, even if it just helps to pass the time as we endure isolation together.” Check out their cover of “Isolation” below:

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