JoJo Grabs Chika For New Track “Sabotage”


Two weeks ago, JoJo made a big return with a simple guitar ballad titled “Joanna.” She reminded us just how strong of a vocalist and songwriter she is. Although JoJo, in an iconic move, rerecorded and rereleased her first two albums at the top of this year, the last LP of fresh content that we got from her was 2016’s Mad Love. Now, she’s finally back with two new songs, reclaiming her seat at the table of this century’s top R&B talents. 

“Sabotage” has a dark bassline that creeps across the verses and accumulates a groove in the chorus. JoJo enlists up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper, CHIKA, who also ruminates about her tendency to self-sabotage. If you’re wondering who CHIKA is, she’s the woman who went viral for ethering Kanye West for his antics over the “Jesus Walks” beat. So, not only did JoJo provide us with another soaring bop, but she’s also spotlighting rising rappers? For these reasons, we have no choice but to stan EVEN MORE than before. 

Quotable Lyrics

Mirrors, tryin’ not to break ’em all
Bad luck, seems like they’re always falling
Feelings, now I’ve gotta bury them
And I don’t know how
Memories of us in picture frames
Set a fire to ’em just to feed the pain


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