JoJo Sings To The Hearts Of America With “American Mood”


As we go through what feels like 100 world issues at once, one thing that can always bring the world together is the power of song. That’s why hearing a new ballad by soulful singer JoJo will always be something we’ll make time for.

JoJo American Mood
Image: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

With “American Mood,” JoJo speaks directly to those out there struggling through some sort of personal crisis. As she sings lines like “We got so much growing up to do,” it’s both heartfelt and very much heard. She isn’t even afraid to call out her own privilege, understanding that being a white woman in America right now comes with responsibility and a sense of understanding that, yes, now’s the time to open your eyes to what’s going on in the world. The message can be a tough one, but thankfully JoJo is the messenger and can deliver it with a beautiful serenade to assist. 

Hopefully this means more new music by the former 2000s teen sensation. Since her highly-publicized split with former label Blackground Records, also former home of late R&B icon Aaliyah, JoJo has been taking some time with her music projects and slowly reclaiming her space in the R&B world. It’s a great sight to see, and we hope she keeps pushing forward with quality music that showcases just how amazing her voice actually is and has always been. Respect!

Listen to “American Mood” by JoJo and the accompanying music video below, and make sure to let us know what you think down below in the comments:

Quotable Lyrics:

We keep on hopin’
But dreamers are the first ones thrown away
My hands are open
Optimistic for a different way

American Mood
To all the kids without a silver spoon
American Mood
U deserve much more, this one’s for you