Jon Connor Returns With A Vengeance On “Homicide Freestyle”


“You know how you go through college and it prepares you for the real world? That’s how I view my time at Aftermath,” reveals Jon Connor, in an exclusive statement to HNHH. “Being around a legend like Dr. Dre, having access to learn from him daily and also learning how to operate within a major label gave me everything I needed to be able to launch my label and move forward with the next phase of my career as both an artist and a businessman.”

Now, that time has come. Jon Connor is back with a vengeance and Logic & Eminem’s “Homicide” is his canvas. Taking to the creeping double-time beat, Connor lays down a deadly flow, never once slacking on the bars. At certain points, his mastery of multis rivals that of KXNG Crooked, who would likely give this one a hearty seal of approval. Repping Flint Michigan to the fullest, Connor proves he can stand among the game’s most capable technicians, and “Homicide” should serve as an effective alarm clock for anybody daring to snooze. Even Logic and Em, the track’s original creators, might have thought twice before inviting him on board for a remix.

Quotable Lyrics

My mind is like a lunatic
Alluding to the fact that I’m unusual
It’s fuel for me to do this shit
But all you n***as talk about is stupid shit
And who the shit but all you n***as sounding like you drowning in a pool of shit
Listen to the music, what I do to it
The information coming at you quick it’s like I’m using a computer chip


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