Jon Jones Strip Club Case Takes Bizarre Turn As He Pleads No Contest: Details


Back in April of this year, UFC superstar Jon Jones seemed to be in some trouble after being charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly putting a stripper in a chokehold and slapping her vagina. The MMA legend immediately denied any wrongdoing and was looking to get the whole thing dismissed. According to TMZ, the accuser decided to stop cooperating with authorities and seemed to want to put the whole thing behind her. In fact, officials interviewed a whole slew of witnesses and none of them could confirm any of her claims.

Due to this lack of evidence, Jones was not convicted of battery, although in a bizarre turn, he pled no contest to the disorderly conduct charge, despite the absence of hard proof. In the report from TMZ, it states that Jones will now have to take part in a 90-day program where he can’t go back to the same strip club, contact his accuser, or do any drugs or alcohol. If he meets these terms, the charge will be dropped.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

“Jon looks forward to putting this behind him and concentrating on training and spending time with his family,” his representative, Denise White said.

With Jones turning a new life, he will certainly be focusing on his UFC career and his next fight which has yet to be determined.


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