Jordyn Woods Debuts New Fiery Red Look On Instagram


Jordyn Woods sure knows how to keep her name in people’s mouths. Ever since the 22-year-old was cut from any family ties to the Kardashian family, she continued to build her name landing partnership after partnership and collaborations that elevated her brand. “To watch the majority of her friends leave her, not be able to go get services where she got accustomed to going and get bullied by the world, it takes a a strong ass family and individual to be able to deal with that on a daily basis,” her mother, Elizabeth Woods, said of her daughter

Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

Jordyn has now started the week off with a whole new look for her followers to melt over since debuting a firey new red hairstyle on Instagram. The hair update pulled in all kinds of positive responses by Jordyn’s famous friends such as Megan Thee Stallion who commented endless heart-eyed emojis and Ari Lennox who wrote: “Girl can you just show me the way 😍 so damn fly.” 

“I don’t believe in clapping back, or reacting out of emotion,” Jordyn said of the whole Tristan Thompson kiss. “I could have handled this a million different ways, but I just went with what felt the most natural to me. Would I ever have wanted this to happen? Never. But sh*t happens. And in the end, I never want to see anyone hurt; I would hate to be the reason for anyone’s pain.”


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