Jordyn Woods Throws Prayers Up In Front Of Nipsey Hussle Mural


Since Nipsey Hussle’s tragic passing in March, murals and public art pieces commemorating the rapper and philanthropist have appeared throughout Los Angeles. Colorful paintings of Nip’s profile can be seen on buildings, billboards and basketball courts. Considering his dedication to giving back to his community, all these tributes serve as visual representations of the mark he left on LA’s residents and infrastructure. 

Last night (Dec. 3), Jordyn Woods encountered one of the Nipsey murals while stopping at Roscoe’s House Of Chicken And Waffles after the National Film & TV Awards. She attended the show to present the winner of ‘Best Horror and Thriller Film’ of the year. Her craving for some comfort food was too strong for her to bother changing out of her gown, so she showed up at Roscoe’s a tad overdressed. 

After seeing the mural, the 22-year-old model got reflective about her 2019 and decided to take to Instagram to express gratitude for everything in her life. “Just finished presenting best horror and thriller film of 2019 at the NFTA Award show and pulled up to Roscoe’s in my gown,” she wrote in her caption. “The amount of f*cks given= ZERO. #angelsallaroundme This year has been really crazy. I can’t believe all of the events that have taken place. Daily reminder: Tomorrow isn’t promised. Tell people you love them today ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ #LAbornandraised.”

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