Jorge Masvidal Roasts Conor McGregor For Ducking A Fight: Watch


Jorge Masvidal has been proving himself to be one of the most elite fighters in the world thanks to his vicious and no holds barred approach to mixed martial arts. Just last weekend, Masvidal fought Nate Diaz for the BMF belt and won after the referee decided to stop the fight early. Now that Masvidal has the BMF belt all to himself, he pretty much had free reign when it comes to deciding who he will take on next. 

During a recent appearance on The Dan LeBatard Show, Masvidal spoke about how there was a real possibility he could have fought against the likes of Conor McGregor. Since winning the fight, it appears as though McGregor has become less of a realistic prospect and Masvidal explained exactly how that happened.

“To be quite frank, [Conor] was flirting with fighting the winner when the possibility of the winner was Nate,” Masvidal said. “He kept throwing it out there. He even made his prediction. But, since I’ve won, he hasn’t said a peep. If you wanna fight, I’m licking my chops.”

Masvidal went on to explain that he doesn’t want to cyberbully McGregor or anything like that but finds it suspect that Conor would want to fight Diaz and not himself. There’s no doubt MMA fans would want to see these two battle it out so hopefully, a resolution can be made.


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