Joseline Hernandez Returns To “Love & Hip Hop” Just To Savagely Drag Premadonna


Joseline Hernandez announced in December that she’d be joining the ranks of the Love & Hip: Miami cast for its third season. The Puerto Rican Princess got her start on the Atlanta instalment of Love & Hip Hop before leaving the reality TV franchise years ago. However, after she made the briefest of appearances in the trailer for the new season, fans were even more disappointed when she was virtually absent from the premiere, which aired last week. However, Joseline made her highly anticipated return to the show in the second episode, and claimed that she’s grown from the chaotic person we remember.

This proved to be complete bullsh*t when she immediately went back to her old ways, stirring up drama with a former nemesis. Joseline and Premadonna had been beefing on social media for a minute, and their issues followed them onto the show.

Joseline refers to Premadonna as “Prema-Piglet,” and later compares her build to that of a fridge. Her always entertaining insults had viewers dying on Twitter.


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